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?Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Language College (SICFL for short), founded in 2001, is a full-time tertiary school officially approved by Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government and registered in Ministry of Education of Peoples Republic of China. The school is located in Nanhui Technical & Educational Park, which lies between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Yangshan Deep Sea Harbor

With over 7300 registered full-time students, SICFL is one of the largest private tertiary schools in Shanghai. ? ? ? ? ?

Campus Scenery

?SICFL covers an area of 20.267 hectares, 13,511.11 square meters and its total investment is added up to 540 million yuan (RMB). The College boasts equipment and apparatus worth 39 million yuan (RMB) with 31 practice & training centers for various programs and 69 off-campus practice bases with enterprises or industrial entities.

?With the financial subsidy from Shanghai Municipal Educational Commission, Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Language College has set up Fu Leis Life Gallery. In addition, Sino-Korean Culture & Communication Historical Material Gallery has been established to give the students majoring in Korean a setting for extracurricular language practice. The school library, which is multi-functional, houses over 600,000 volumes of books and a large number of magazines, most of which are in six foreign languages that are taught in SICFL.

The huge indoor stadium coupled with modern playground, well-furnished dormitories, clean , tidy and hygienic school cafeterias provides students with an excellent learning and living environment. ? ? ? ? ?


Thanks to the persevering efforts made by SICFL in the past decade or so, the College has already formed a competent faculty consisting of 318 full-time teachers. Statistics has shown that among the faculty of SICFL , 21.7 percent of the teachers are associate professors or full professors, 54.7 percent are the holders of either Master Degree or PhD Degree. Moreover, overseas teachers and those with overseas educational background account for 10 percent of the total teaching staff in SICFL. ? ? ? ? ?

In the past years, our teachers have been awarded many prizes for excellent education accomplishments, excellent textbooks and the title of outstanding cultivation of students together with dozens of Cun Guang and Elite Youth research projects. The College has been undertaking the construction of Five Key Programs with the financial aid from Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government. Besides, SICFL has won 4 prizes for Excellent Educational Accomplishments and undertaken the construction of 6 Excellent Courses at The Level of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. ? ? ? ? ?

The conscientious efforts have much facilitated the construction of programs, three major groups of programs, namely Applied Foreign Languages, International Business & Chinese Language & Legal Affairs, and Electromechanical & Informational Technology, have come into shape, under which there are 22 programs including Applied English, Applied Japanese, Applied German, Applied French, Applied Spanish, Numerical Control Technology, Electromechanical Integration Technology, Computer Science & Information Technology Management, Accounting, International Business, E-Commerce, Logistics Management, Hotel Management, Design & Management of Conference & Exhibition Industry, Secretary, Visual Communication Art, Computer Art Design, Film & Television Animation, Legal Affairs, News Editing & Production. ? ? ? ? ?

The students at SICFL are from 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. As far as the students enrolment is concerned, SICFL keeps ranking the top among private technical & vocational institutions of higher learning in Shanghai. The registered students in the years of 2012, 2013 and 2014 numbered 2,196, 2,529 and 2815 respectively, which has fully shown that in the past consecutive years there has been a rising tendency in students enrolment despite its vehement competitions . ? ? ? ? ?

The College has been adhering to such a principle that we take students employment as the guide for teaching reform and regard it as our ultimate aim to provide service for the society at large. By following the education policies: catering to the needs of production, construction, management and service arising from the society, helping students to lay an adequate foundation concerning knowledge and skills of application, giving a top priority to the ethics education among students, requiring students to have a good command of the target language and laying stress on the students ability of application in connection with their knowledge and skills ? ? ? ? ?

In the past 13 years, SICFL has already cultivated over 20,000 technical personnel for various fields of the country, who have won special favor from the society at large. In the year of 2012, the employment rate for our graduates reached 99.05 percent and in 2013, it rose to 99.59 percent. For many years in succession, SICFL has ranked the top among private technical & vocational schools in Shanghai and maintained its position among tertiary schools of the same kind concerning the signing rate of students employment contract. ? ? ? ? ?

SICFL has been quite active in international collaboration and communication, taking it as an important lever to accelerate the development of the school and making it famous brand for our college. So far, SICFL has established collaborative relationship with 34 overseas tertiary schools in a dozen countries, which include BAIKA Women's University in Japan, Hangyang University in Republic of Korea, Niagara University in U.S.A., Northumbria University in U.K., Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE in Australia, Fachhochschule Nordhessen, Language University of Munich in Germany, Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain, to name just a few. ? ? ? ? ?

Till now, we have had more than 300 students who have been to our overseas partner institutions of higher learning to pursue the degree programs after they had accomplished their formal study at SICFL, among whom over 200 graduates of ours have been awarded Bachelor Degree which is recognized by Ministry of Education of our country, and 40 students have even been conferred the Master Degree by the universities where they study. In addition, in the years of 2013 and 2014, SICFL has been granted the fund amounting to 1.52 million yuan (RMB) by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to subsidize 50 students from Departments of English, Germany, Japanese and Business to go to Northumbria University , Language University of Munich, BAIKA Women's University and Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE to have a three-month-long credit-based course study. ? ? ? ? ?

Thanks to the devotion by the teachers, many students have won much honor for the College in various nationwide and municipal-level competitions and contests such as Practical English Speech Contest among Technical & Vocational Institutions of Higher Learning, Secretary Skills Competition among Chinas Technical & Vocational Institutions, among others. ? ? ? ? ?

More importantly, SICFL has paid much attention to providing students with various platforms, where they can get more training to accelerate and facilitate their growth and development. Our students have won many prizes in offering volunteer work, taking part in sports competition and organizing various kinds of activities by students communities. ? ? ? ? ?

Ever since its establishment, SICFL has been abiding by the guiding principleupholding the principle of standardization, running the school scientifically, becoming more competitive with our excellent quality of teaching, making appreciable contribution to the society. Moreover, SICFL is well-known for having a complete governing structure concerning the management by legal person, running the school by fully pursuing laws and regulations, performing the operation honestly, and managing the school strictly by complying with the government standard and regulations. Thanks to the conscientious endeavor, SICFL has been selected as a demonstrative technical & vocational institution of higher learning in Shanghai and awarded Excellent Grade in The Talent Cultivation Level Assessment Project for Technical & Vocational Institutions by National Ministry of Education ? ? ? ? ?

We all know that whatever we have achieved will only help to direct and guide us to make more brilliant achievements. Creativity and innovation will be forever the theme for our on-going reform. Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Language College will, as usual, hold high the banner of reform and originality, surge forward to strive for more splendid success in the days to come. ? ? ? ? ?




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